Some Things That Don’t Make Sense About The Originals


Some Things That Don't Make Sense About The Originals
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The fans have divided opinions when it comes to the Hollow Storyline. Some saw her as the most formidable foe of the Mikaelsons, but some feel Hollow was just a recycled Dahlia. The Hollow plagued the Mikaelsons continuously for two seasons, pushing them to their limits, serving as the main antagonist. But there are plenty of things that don’t make sense about this villain. We were told that only a member of Lebonair bloodline could harm the Hollow.

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In Season 5, Hollow was reduced to just the dark spirit contained inside the bodies of the Mikaelson Siblings which they purposely absorbed in Season 4 finale. Hope cannot deal with the separation from her father so she decides to take back all the magic inside her which slowly starts taking away her life. So finally the writers had Klaus absorb the spirit inside him and ended himself. But this is lazy writing at its best. Klaus is not related to Labonair bloodline yet he was able to end Hollow’s spirit once and for all, using the stake. If that was the case then wouldn’t it make more sense to have end Sofya when she had the spirit of Hollow, or in the body of somebody else. The demise of Klaus could be avoided. But it seemed like the writers had planned from the beginning to write off Klaus which would serve as his ultimate redemption, but the way they executed is pretty awful.

Some Things That Don't Make Sense About The Originals
The CW

Klaus suddenly possessing a White Oak Stake which he said that he had stored for a long time doesn’t make any sense. While some feel that it should have been Elijah who would taken all the dark magic inside him which would have made more sense as Elijah lost the love of his life. Hope would have her father Klaus with her, she wouldn’t be an orphan. Some believe that the creators purposely wrote off Elijah and Klaus so they wouldn’t have to address their absence on the Legacies.


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Many believe Originals should have ended with Season 4 finale. It was the perfect finale and it concluded the story in a meaningful way while leaving a room to revisit the story at some point in the future. Season 4 finale saw the Mikaelson Siblings; Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, and Elijah absorbing a piece of Hollow’s soul and moving far away from each other. Hayley was left back along with Freya to protect Hope. But what doesn’t make sense is that Hope enrolled at the Salvatore School located in Mystic Falls while Hayley stayed in New Orleans. Mind you, Hope is still a young kid at this point so it doesn’t make any sense as to why Hayley won’t live with Hope or at least be present in the same city. As none of the Mikaelsons are left behind so Hayley isn’t obligated to stay back in New Orleans. But Hope moved to a different state and would meet her only during the holidays.

The rational explanation is they wanted to set up Legacies in Season 5 which is why they sent a child at the boarding school. If you really think about it, Hope had no need to be enrolled at the Salvatore School. Freya, one of the greatest witches could have taught Hope how to control and make the most of her magic. Hope comes from the family of Originals so she literally has a walking encyclopedia on Vampirism. She could connect with her uncles or aunt through astral projection. They wanted Hope to have a normal childhood which she didn’t really get at the school, she became the outcast, and struggled to fit in.

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