5 Interesting Things That You Should Know About The Vampire Diaries Universe


5 Things That You Should Know About The Vampire Diaries Universe
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TVD finale concluded the character arcs with a very well deserved ending. Damon became human and got to live his life with Elena who awakened from the magical coma. Stefan’s sacrificed everyone and he found peace and was reunited with Lexi. Tyler and Vicki were also shown to have found peace. Matt Donovan considers the idea of running for the town’s Mayor position. Bonnie sets out to travel all across the world with Enzo watching over her. Caroline despite being heartbroken starts a new chapter in her life with the Salvatore School.


When it comes to Originals, the ending was bittersweet. Elijah and Klaus went out in the most epic fashion, they set out on the greatest adventure together. Rebekah & Marcel plan to start a new chapter in their lives. Freya & Keelin convinced Vincent to father their child. Kol & Davina are married and living far away from all the drama. Hayley also found peace and is reunited with her family. And finally Hope, starts a new chapter. 


Legacies was unexpectedly cancelled which forced the writers and show creators to change the ending. The ending received mixed response from the fans. While the special appearance by Klaus Mikaelson was the highlight of this episode, but the way his cameo was executed turned some heads. His emotional message to Hope touched everyone’s heart. Caroline Forbes finally made her Legacies appearance and became the new headmaster of the Salvatore School of the Young & Gifted. Alaric set out on a journey to find his own path, resigning from the post of the headmaster. Landon became the new ‘Ferryman’ and helped Hope in seeing her dad one more time.


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There are some interesting trivia and stats about all the three shows that the fans should know about:

  • Rebekah Mikaelson & Kol Mikaelson are the only Original Vampires who remain in existence. While Marcel Gerard is the only Upgraded Original alive.
  • Rebekah Mikaelson is the oldest vampire in existence.
  • The character of Stefan Salvatore has the most number of appearances with a total of 172 episodes.
  • The character who has most number of appearances across all three shows is Alaric Saltzman with a total of 169 episodes (TVD+ORIGINALS+LEGACIES)
  • Characters who have appeared across all three shows are Alaric Saltzman, Klaus Mikaelson, Caroline Forbes, Marcel Gerard, Rebekah Mikaelson, Josie & Lizzie Saltzman, Matt Donovan.
  • Hope Mikaelson is the only tribrid in existence whereas Nik is the only hybrid (Werewolf-witch) in the existence.


The CW

Julie Plec has already given a hint that TVD Franchise is definitely going to continue. That brings us to the question, what is next for the TVD Universe? TVD Universe featured plenty of characters and numerous significant events that could very well serve as the foundation for a new spin-off.

  • THE FIVE Aka Brotherhood of the Five played a significant role in TVD Season 4. These hunters were granted magical powers to help them in eradicating the vampires. Eventually Jeremy Gilbert also became a hunter and a spin-off featuring on his adventures would be interesting.
  • The Gemini Coven locked Lily, Kai, and the Heretics in the Prison World. A spin-off focusing on the origins and times of Gemini Coven along with the early lives of characters such as Kai & Lily would be great too.
  • ‘The Mystic Times of 1864’ sounds like a great spin-off idea. This year is pretty significant as it was in this fateful year when Katherine crossed paths with the Salvatores and turned them into vampires.
  • A series focusing on the past of a character and featuring events & notable incidences which we have only heard, but never seen can also be done. A series on characters such as Marcel Gerard, Kol Mikaelson, Lexi Branson, Rose would click with the fans.
  • A series focusing on the human lives of Damon and Elena, how they grew old together would also captivate the fans.
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