10 Amazing Things That You Can Do If You Have One Rupee! Yes Only Rs.1

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. In the world of demonetization, the age of Rs 2000 note, online payments platform like Google pay, Phonepe and PayTM, where lakhs of rupees can be transferred in a second or two in any one’s account, do you know what you can do with just one rupee, yes just Rs. 1 in your hands? If not,

Here are 10 things that you can do with a single one rupee Rs. 1 with you:

1. Online Shopping:

There are various offers on most of the online shopping portals where you could buy things for just Re 1. The offers are available on PayTM mall and freecharge. Go and grab them with your 1 Rs. Rs. 1 sale is also very popular on Amazon if you could find one.

10 Amazing Things That You Can Do If You Have One Rupee Rs.1

2. Use public toilet:

Most of the public toilet in India can be used for just Re 1, so the next time your bladders are bursting as hell, search for public toilets instead of making your country dirty and unhygienic. This is one of the best you could spend your money in a wise thing also supporting Swacch Bharat Abhiyan at the same time.

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3. Buy Navratna hair Oil:

Thanda-Thanda cool-cool Navratna oil sachet is available for just Rs. 1, so the next time you feel depressed or tensed, just buy a sachet of Navratna oil and get yourself a nice head massage, You will feel great and free as a bird (trust me).

4. Invest in equity:

You could buy from a variety of stocks with just Re 1 as there are hundreds to choose from whose total value is less than Rs. 1. So, this means you could actually get a company under your name with just this amount of money.

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