This Is How Much The “13 Reasons Why” Cast Are Being Paid For Season 3

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. 13 Reasons Why is surely the most hard hitting teen drama on Netflix and this show caused a lot of stir during its first as well as second season. The characters of this show are also very relatable to all and teens can actually relate to this show and especially those who faced it. For all the fans of 13 Reasons Why, here’s a good news for you as the producers are planning to make a fourth season of this show already and that too before the release of the third season. Isn’t this amazing and now that Katherine Langford has finally left this show after the second season, the rest of the cast are getting a huge pay raise. So today we’ll tell you how much are these actors making through 13 Reasons Why.

So here is a list of the cast of 13 Reasons Why and how much they’ll be paid for the third installment of this series!

1. Dylan Minnette

This Is How Much The "13 Reasons Why" Cast Are Being Paid For Season 3

Dylan Minnette plays the role of Clay Jensen in this show and after Katherine Langford’s exit he is the sole lead of this show. According to the reports he has been paid $200,000 per episode and has made $2.6 million in this whole third season approximately.

2. Brandon Flynn

Brandon Flynn plays the role of Justin in this show and his character has been seen to get redeemed during the second season. He has been paid $150,000 per episode during the whole season.

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