Top 10 Favorite Travel Destination Of Our Bollywood Celebs

6. Alia Bhatt: London

Another celebrity who loves going London is Alia Bhatt. She surely visits many other places on the globe every time but London is her travel destination and she goes there with her friends mostly.

7. Priyanka Chopra: Thailand

Priyanka Chopra surely visits many foreign places every now and then but her favorite travel point in Thailand. She loves the environment, food, and beaches of Thailand.

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8. Hrithik Roshan: London

Yet another actor who loves visiting London is the Greek God, Hrithik Roshan. He visits London whenever he has time with his kids and loves enjoying London with them.

9. Salman Khan: Dubai

Salman Bhai’s favorite travel destination is by far Dubai. He spends most of his vacations with his family in Dubai as he loves relaxing his mind there.

10. Saif Ali Khan: London

Here we present you another actor who loves going to London. Saif Ali Khan’s favorite travel destination is also London and he goes there again and again with his friends and family and enjoys exploring every bit of it.

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