Top 10 Smart Phones With Highest Level Of Radiations!!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Mobiles phones have become an important part of our day to day life. It is the easiest and comfortable source for communication with one another but along with all these benefits, it is harmful too. They emit Radio Frequency Waves i.e Radio waves a form of non-ionizing radiation from their antennas which are harmful to human beings as well as animals. These all the radiations are easily absorbed by the human body and can serious health problems and these radiations are the main cause for the extinction of many birds.

So here is the list of latest smartphones with the highest level of radiation!!

SAR values are mandatorily declared by the company that has made the smartphone and is a measure of a rate at which the energy is absorbed by the Android device when exposed to radiation.

1. Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1 with 1.75W/Kg specific absorption rate value is found on the top list in emitting the radiation. In the latest update, Xiaomi said that there all Xiaomi phones sold in India comply all the laws and are under the limit for SAR values.

Top 10 Smart Phones With Highest Level Of Radiations!!

2. One Plus 5T

One Plus 5T is having 1.68W/Kg of SAR value. In India, the limit of SAR value is 1.6W/Kg and One Plus 5T is reaching beyond this limit.

3. Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 takes the third spot with 1.58W/Kg of SAR value.

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4.One Plus 6T

One Plus 6T having a SAR of 1.55W/Kg and it spots fourth in the list of high radiation smartphones.

5. HTC U12 Life

HTC U12 Life is released in September 2018 and this smartphone is having a SAR value of 1.48W/Kg and is stand fifth in the list.

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