Top 10 Villains In The Vampire Diaries

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We have witnessed a lot of badass villains in The Vampire Diaries and we are even fond of some of those villains while we hate some of them. So let’s look at some of these dark villains who troubled the Mystic Falls a lot.

So here is a list of the top 10 villains in The Vampire Diaries!

1. Klaus Mikaleson

Top 10 Villains In The Vampire Diaries

Klaus Mikaelson was surely one of the biggest villains in the Vampire Diaries and he was the only villain who was actually loved by the fans. He was very cruel and enjoyed ripping people apart, but he was one of those few who had a shot at redemption.

2. Katherine Pierce

Top 10 Villains In The Vampire Diaries

Katerina Petrova knew how to survive and created a legacy of her own. She could do anything for herself as her will to survive was way too strong. She was a great villain of the show and came straight from hell to take her revenge in the end.

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3. Dr. Wes Maxfield

Top 10 Villains In The Vampire Diaries

He was one of the worst villains the show had and he was very cruel to the vampires and used to torture them a lot. Wes conducted various experiments on the vampires and used to cut them alive without a thought of how much it would hurt them. He belonged to the Augustine Society at Whitmore College.

4. Kai Parker

Top 10 Villains In The Vampire Diaries

How can we forget Kai Parker? He was a charming villain for sure. He belonged to the Gemini coven who was sent to the prison world for his wrong doings. He’s a psychopath and everyone despised him for his ruthless behavior. He killed his pregnant sister just to be strong as he was sick.

5. Sybil

Top 10 Villains In The Vampire Diaries

Sybil and Seline were the siren sisters who created havoc in the 8th season. She was a monster who compelled Damon to do her dirty work. She worked for Arcadius who was the creator of hell. Her temper made her do the worse things to everyone in Mystic Falls.

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