Top 5 Saddest Deaths In Supernatural

Top 5 Saddest Deaths In Supernatural

Supernatural is known for making its dear fans cry by killing off their favorite characters. And deaths in Supernatural are very unpredictable, just when you think it’s all perfect and happy, the writers will take that away from you by brutally and unexpectedly killing your favorite character.

So Let’s Take A Look At Top 5 Saddest Deaths In Supernatural!

1. Truly the most heartbreaking death in Supernatural. Bobby gets shot in the head by Roman, he slips into the coma where he confronts a reaper who tells him that his time is up. Bobby escapes from the reaper, confronts his worst memories, and somehow wakes up from the coma for a moment to help Sam and Dean, calls them ‘idjits’ affectionately and then dies.

2. Dean asks Kevin for help to find a spell that could disable the angel ‘Gadreel’ who is inside Sam’s body, possessing him. Metatron asks Gadreel to prove his allegiance and tells him to kill Kevin so that he could not stop his plan to rule heaven and earth using the angel tablet. Gadreel smites Kevin and leaves with the tablets while Dean breaks down seeing Kevin dead.


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3. The death of Ellen and Jo still make my eyes wet with tears. 

4. John Winchester sacrifices his soul and makes a deal with the demon Azazel in exchange of his life and colt to save Dean Winchester. Truly in the end John did a lot good for his kids.

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5. Just why Castiel, why? Balthazar’s was shocked and hurt in his last moments because it was his dear friend Castiel who killed him. 

And Gabriel’s death even brought tears in the eyes of the devil.

Top 5 Saddest Deaths In Supernatural

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