Top 5 Signs That Prove You’re A Natural Born Genius!

Today we will be looking at here some of the expected signs that prove you might be a genius. This is actually backed by science!

This cover picture might mean that you’re a genius and that’s what science is saying. Today we will be looking at here some of the expected signs that prove you might be a genius. This is actually backed by science so this is no bull sh#t, it is for real. Today in this article I will tell you about all the possible signs and things that prove you’re an above-average, as a matter of fact a genius person. So guys if you do enjoy our article then don’t forget it to share with your friends. And go through all these points, if you have any question or doubt, just drop your opinions and views in the comments section. So let’s get started with this.

Let’s Take A  Look At The Top 5 Signs That Prove You’re A Natural Born Genius!

1. Staying Up Late

Signs of genius

The number one sign that prove you are a genius is your sleeping habit. If you like to stay up late till like 12 o’clock or 1 o’clock that means you might be a genius. If you look at Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, they stay up real late like 12 o’clock or 2 0’clock. They stayed up this late to work on their research and wake up like 7 o’clock, so get a little bit of sleep and  go through their busy day. So they loved to stay up late, so yeah if you like to stay up late and work in the night this clearly means a sign of the good intelligence.

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2. Sarcasm

Okay if you are sarcastic, you have high intelligence. So sarcasm is very good for your brain. Many studies show that sarcasm and creativity are interlinked, so if you have a sarcastic personality, you surely have creativity in you. If you make a lot of sarcastic jokes, it takes really high intelligence to do it because that’s how brain works, you need to process information, think facts, and bring the humor out of it. This clearly means that you’re pretty smart to use sarcasm in various situations. It actually trains your brain and make more neural connections, and make you smarter.

3. Overthinking And Worrying A Lot

If you overthink and worries a lot! I worry a lot you know, I over think a lot of stuff, I am a genius. If you worry a lot then you have to use your imagination right? When you use imagination that means you have higher IQ so next time when you are worried about something, harness your creativity. Because when you worry, you have to think about all the scenario in your head like what if this happens, what if that happens, what if this never happens? So yeah there’s a lot of things going on when we worry about it and you play all those what is, what if in your head. This may be bad for your brain, but also it’s a sign of intelligence.

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4. Social Anxiety

If you have social anxiety! Wait so if you’re shy that means you’re also very intelligent. The reason behind this is slightly strange. Shy people, they like to look around and analyze their surroundings, they formulate ideas and they process the information. In this way they are more intelligent than those people who love to talk and talk and talk. So when you are are in your group and you don’t want to talk a lot, you just want to analyze the surrounding, and process the information.

5. Talking To Yourself

If you talk to yourself then this is a also a sign of intelligence. Well I never knew talking to oneself is a trait of genius. I talk to myself all the time! You are talking to yourself so you can focus the task at hand a lot better. But if you’re in a group of people and you talk to yourself, it might look weird. So only if you’re alone, you can talk to yourself, but if you are in a group of people then don’t talk to yourself. You might end up looking like a weirdo which you surely don’t wanna look.

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