Top 5 Countries That Watch Most Adult Videos!

Top countries that watch adult videos the most.
These are the top 5 countries and check out India's spot in watching adult videos.

We’re talking about adult videos and I’m not encouraging you guys to go search up some adult videos. But, this is an informative video and you guys are going to learn something here. So the average amount of people who watch these adult videos is the about 64 million visitors every single day. In 2016, nearly 92 billion videos were watched over the course of 23 billion visits to the site. Collectively that’s 4.5 billion hours of porn watching in one year alone. So who are these people contributing to these huge numbers? Well, like I said before, we’re going to talk about the list for the top countries that watch the most adult videos.

Take A Look At Top 5 Countries That Watch Most Adult Videos

5. Japan

Hentai is a very popular search term in Asia and more specifically in China, Philippines, Thailand and Japan. The average watch time in Japan is significantly lower than the worldwide average and only 7 minutes and 27 seconds. It’s decreasing every single year and today the most popular search term in Japan is teen and amateur.

4. India

New Delhi accounts for nearly 40% of all of India’s traffic and the top search term and the top category is Indian. In New Delhi, they spend about 9 minutes and 30 seconds on average on these sites and the top search terms are Indian, Indian wife and Indian bhabhi. Indian loves to search for Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa and this seems to be a similar trend with rest of the country as well.

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3. Canada

The most popular month for Canadians is January where it’s just it’s so cold up here and people get lonely. Monday is the day that generates the most views while Sundays are the least visited day. Canadians tend to spend a little over 9 minutes browsing pages and it usually takes them roughly 8 page views to find what they’re looking for. The top three most popular search terms for Canadians are Lisa, teen and massage.

2. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom represents the second highest source of traffic coming to popular sites and the city that brings in about a quarter of the traffic is London and then you have Birmingham and Manchester. Visitors from the UK spend on average 9 minutes and 40 seconds on which is just a few seconds more than the world’s average. 40 percent of UK visitors search for the categories like Lesbian, British and Milf.

1. America

On July 4th, Americans tend to search for national terms such as the United States America and American the top three most searched terms throughout the year on these sites where step-mom, lesbians and stepsister. Americans are the top contributors of traffic on these sites and they spend more than 10 minutes on an average which is way higher than the average.

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