Truth Behind The Story Of Shivalinga In Mecca Medina

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Mecca Medina is said to be the second holiest site in Islam culture and this place is in Saudi Arabia. This is a place which is constructed around a holy black stone and millions of Muslims visit this place in a year to offer their prayers in fulfillment of one of the five pillars of Islam. Medina in English means the “City of the Prophet”.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Truth Behind The Story Of Shivalinga In Mecca Medina

Truth Behind The Story Of Shivalinga In Mecca Medina

Once someone posted a photo of a Shivalinga and said that the Shivalinga was situated inside Mecca Medina and people actually believed it and within no time that photo went viral and people starting thinking that whether in Mecca Medina that Shivalinga was situated or not. The rumour also included that in Al Hajr Al-Aswad, a black stone in Kaaba has a Shivalinga in it but no there is no such Shivalinga in it and it is actually a meteorite which is considered to be very sacred.


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In reality no Shivalinga exists in Mecca Medina and the following story about its existence there is completely false. The particular Shivalinga in the photo is actually from Viratnagar. the place where the Pandavas went for their last stage of exile. This Shivalinga has twelve faces of Lord Shiva on it and is inside a cave and people claim that the Pandavas during their exile lived in that cave and that is why that cave is known as the Pandu Hill Cave.

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A blogger and traveler named Abha went their and clicked those photos and posted on her blog and someone copied those photos from their and started a false news about the existence of that Shivalinga in Mecca Medina. How could people even think also that the Islamic culture will accept a Hindu holy structure inside their place. Such false stories happen to get viral every time and Medina is a different city which has Prophet’s mosque and no Shivalinga is ever seen in the mosque of either Medina or Mecca.

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