Can You Identify These Popular Actors Who Appeared On TVD?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The final season of the Vampire Diaries concluded long ago in 2017, but the show still maintains its popularity. Vampire Diaries is available on Netflix and is among one of the widely followed shows across the globe. The show is created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and is based on the TVD Novels written by LJ Smith. The show has taken the liberty to make several significant changes. Despite the several changes the show has made, several of the characters remain the same. One thing where TVD stands out from other shows is a cast full of handsome and attractive men. Vampire Diaries is a tale of romance, betrayal, and heartbreaks. One couldn’t help, but fall in love with these pretty faces because they are undeniable. Their aura commands a certain kind of devotion. Every TVD fan girl will surely agree with this statement.

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Perhaps the most charming and mesmerizing character on the show is Damon Salvatore. Ian Somerhalder effortlessly portrayed this character. His devilish charm and angelic smile could melt the hearts with ease. We don’t blame Elena Gilbert for falling in love with him! Damon Salvatore has been involved in two love triangles which were the driving force of the show. His redemption, journey from an antagonist to a protagonist makes him one of the best male characters. Interestingly, Ian Somerhalder never wanted Damon to turn into a heroic character. He wanted Damon to stay evil and keep committing all the atrocities. But the fans couldn’t stop cheering Damon. It doesn’t matter what he did, the fans were already behind him, cheering him up. This forced the writers to change their direction. Imagine if he had never became a good guy, he could have been definitely the best antagonist on the show.

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You might be able to resist Damon, but you couldn’t resist the protagonist with the hero hair. The younger Salvatore possesses all the qualities which makes him the perfect romantic partner one could ever wish for. As long as Stefan is not turning into a Ripper, you are safe by his side. A romance with Stefan Salvatore can’t be anything, but EPIC!
Bad boys can be very appealing and Kai Parker validates this statement. One of the most dysfunctional and manipulative characters in the TVD Universe. His repressed childhood issues paired with his chaotic temper, he is definitely not a relationship material, but it’s hard to resist him. Chris Wood remains memorable for his short, but effective stint as Kai Parker.

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When Tyler Lockwood made his first appearance, the initial impression was that he’s an arrogant bully. Everyone was surprised as to why Vicki or Caroline would be in a relationship with him. But as his character evolved, we witnessed his journey from an egotistical to a compassionate character. Enough of the bad guys, if you are looking for a sweetheart then look no further than Matt Donovan. The only human who survived the entire TVD without becoming a vampire.

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Every Vampire Diaries character possesses a unique trait which could easily define their entire being. Characters such as Lexi Branson and Stefan Salvatore are well known for their compassion and sincerity. Stefan Salvatore is a vampire with morality who values human life. Even after his breakup with Elena Gilbert, he never stopped caring for her, and always ensured her safety and well being. Even in the end, he sacrificed himself so that his brother Damon could have the human life with Elena. Damon’s chance of human life was taken away the moment Stefan forced him to turn into a vampire. A choice that would cause Damon to hate his brother Stefan for almost a century. This was the reason which started their enmity in the first place. However, both the brothers eventually patched things up and became each other’s shield. Season 7 and Season 8 of TVD mainly revolved around their brotherly relationship.

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While some characters enjoyed a rich character development as the show progressed. Characters such as Caroline Forbes are a prominent example of what wonders a good writing can do. Caroline’s character was repulsive at first, she came off as an annoying pretentious girl. But as the show went on, we got a good look at her inner insecurities and where they steam from. This made us fall in love with her character especially when she transformed into a vampire, and became a confident person. By the end of the Vampire Diaries, she started a School for the Supernatural Children. Despite experiencing tremendous loss, she continued her way towards helping everyone. Whereas some characters such as Bonnie Bennett had plenty of potential, but the writing did not do enough justice to them.

So Take This Quiz And See If You Can Identify These Popular Actors Who Appeared On The Vampire Diaries?

Can You Identify These Popular Actors Who Appeared On The Vampire Diaries?

Over the course of eight seasons, numerous actors have graced Vampire Diaries with their presence. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of them.

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