TVD Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 3?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Season 3 aired on 15 September, 2011 and it ended on 10 May, 2012. This season focused on the origin story of the Original vampire Klaus Mikaelson and revealed information about his family. Season 3 follows the event of Jenna’s death and the ceremony which resulted in Klaus Mikaelson becoming the first powerful hybrid. This affected Elena, Jeremy, and Alaric.

TVD Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 3?

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While our protagonist Stefan Salvatore is on the ripper streak and cannot hold himself back, he cannot control his urges and hunger for human blood and this showcased his dark side. In order to help Stefan, Elena and Damon spend time together and they both soon start to realize that they hold feelings for each other. But they also feel guilty for their emotions and decide to keep it silent.

Elena’s brother experiences trouble with his ghosts which are trying to convey something to him. He is growing distant from Bonnie due to his past’s ghosts which are disrupting his everyday life activities. After becoming a hybrid, Klaus aims to create an army of hybrids which are similar to him and sired to him. He even asks Stefan to help him, but Stefan leaves eventually. Ric has become a vampire hunter and he is after the originals now.

TVD Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 3?

So you think you are a big fan of The Vampire Diaries and remember every tiny detail about all the seasons? Take this quiz and check your knowledge about season 3 of TVD.

We would also like to know what’s your favorite moment from Season 3? Do share your opinions with us in the comments.

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