These Tweets Prove That Bollywood Stars Need Serious English Grammar Lessons!

Bollywood stars and celebs do everything to look good enough and satisfactory to their fans and the media, now be it their dressing style, hair styles, footwears, vanity vans, houses, mobile phones, cosmetics, everything without exception. Twitter is that stage through which, numerous stars have effectively got the coveted spotlight, and the best case of that is Twinkle Khanna otherwise known as Mrs. Funnybones. The celebs have a huge number of devotees, who love to keep in contact with them. Numerous a times, these stars utilize the power of social networking media to express their emotions, sentiments and express their opinions and views with the fans. They may have impeccable and mastery in the acting skills in front of the camera, but they make silly English grammar mistakes when it comes to typing their tweets. As a result these senseless punctuation mistakes later turn into a state of humiliation for them.

Twitter has brought these massive Bollywood stars nearer to us than they ever was to the masses. They are not any more those gigantic stars who are out of common people’s reach and can’t be connected with. Through online social networking media and primarily Twitter, these Bollywood celebrities and stars have got the chance to specifically address their fans. They not just share a touch of their own lives, but they utilize the power of social media to promote their upcoming films.

Be that as it may, on the other hand there are times when Bollywood celebs make silly grammar mistakes and mess it up on the social media. Given the nature of the Internet and the online public, these stars have no place to hide once they have committed a mistake on the Internet. While some of the times, they commit a typo error, and sometimes they demonstrate their ignorance and lack of sensitivity.

Here are a couple of tweets that demonstrate that these Bollywood celebs still need to take some Twitter lesson, as ASAP:

So let’s take a look at 15 tweets by our famous Bollywood stars and celebrities that prove they need serious English Grammar lessons!

1. Ameesha Patel is the only celebrity who will post iPods for her fans on Twitter.

These Tweets Prove That Bollywood Stars Need Serious English Grammar Lessons!

2. What is she trying to say?

These Tweets Prove That Bollywood Stars Need Serious English Grammar Lessons!

3. Who’s APJ Kalam Azad? How can you mess up the name of one of the greatest Indians? You should be embarrassed for your Tweet Mrs. Kohli.

4. So Deepika wants a treat from Priyanka and also wants her BACK?

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5. Seriously how hard it is for the Bollywood to spell the name of our former President correctly?

6. So which masala inspired your speech Jackky? Was it garam masala?

7. Okay.


8. This will anger all the grammar nazis.

9. How one single alphabet can change everything. Nargis, be careful while tweeting.

10. Yeah you’re the only one who puts on a regular bra and THEN a sports bra.

11.  Turn on the auto-correct mode Priyanka.

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12. Are kehna kya chahte ho Bhai?

13. She sounds sooooooooo much excited!!

14. This is why punctuation is very important.

15. He has placed full stop at the wrong place, like wrong lyrics in his songs.

So what do you think about these grammar mistakes made by our famous Bollywood stars in their tweets? They surely need to work more on their grammar skills and avoid making such small mistakes. And you folks should feel free to drop in your views and opinions in the comments section. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation. Do share this article with your friends.

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