Types Of Virginity Tests That Are Run On Women In Various Parts Of India

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. While most people in the world are debating about feminism and are trying to break stereotypes, there are still some sick communities who are still mistreating women. You must be shocked to know that still in various parts of India certain kinds of virginity test are run on women before their marriage to check their purity. These practices are so traumatizing and humiliating for a woman that one can’t even explain.

So here are certain humiliating virginity test practices that are run in some major parts of India!

1. Pani Ki Dheej or Purity By Water

Types Of Virginity Tests That Are Run On Women In Various Parts Of India

In this ritual to check whether a woman is virgin or not a particular kind of community makes a woman hold her breath inside the water while some person walks a total of 100 steps. In an international rehabilitation centre this ritual has said to be a gross violation of women dignity and rights.

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2. Agnipariksha or Trial By Fire

Under this ritual or practice the woman has to carry hold and carry a red hot iron in her bare hands and if she gives up and is unable to complete it, she is declared are an impure soul and is also forced to take the name of her partner with whom she lost her virginity. In some rare cases doctors are asked to conduct the virginity test, this shows how women are still treated in this society.

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