10 Ultimate Rival Companies Whose Rivalries Shaped History

Hey Folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Many companies have been formed and destroyed in history. Only few had made some impact globally. Among these companies there are such pairs who have been rivals since the inception of the ideas. Seasons changes, eras changes, but their  rivalry never changed. Today, we will be letting you know about such business rival companies.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Ultimate Rival Companies Remembered in History!

1. Pepsi vs Coke

These both have received great consumers for their products. They  are popular since their inception. They both have a neck to neck competition in the market. They are in direct competition.

10 Ultimate Rival Companies Remembered in History!

2. Ford vs GM

GM came 9 years later, when Ford came in 1903. Till today, both have sustained great quality and competition. It has been 101 years, where no one could ever replace them, in market.

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3. Nike vs Reebok

Nike and Reebok both have provided value and quality to their  consumers. This battle has been on since the last three decades, and it seem to have no end.. Today, both the rival companies are chasing to create and promote global athlete culture through their versatile an quality products.

4. HP vs IBM

Hp and IBM have encountered great changes in past few year. Both, the companies are taking technology to its extreme ends and producing great products. They are in opposite directions and battle is on.


5. Apple vs Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft had friendly bond before the chaos between Bill gates and Steve Jobs. Since then, their rivalry has been recorded as the ultimate business rivalry in the history of time. These both are the most valuable brands and always have been in battlefield against each other.

6. McDonald’s vs Burger King

This rivalry started over territory and franchise between two most promising food companies, Burger King and Mcdonald’s. The rivalry began in 20th century and penetrate among the two in present also.

7. Airbus vs Boeing

Airbus and Boeing had been the global market leaders. They have been chasing to capture the entire market. This rivalry is between two mega brands and god knows who will win the chase.

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8. AT&T vs MCI

At&T and MCI are both world leaders. It has been years since they both are trying to get the hold of the entire market. As it is cut throat competition, this had not been possible as yet, but sooner or later, we are going to know who will defeat whom.

9. Marvel vs DC

Marvel and DC believes that their competition let them survive in the market. These both the companies are amazing and offer amazing stuffs to their consumers. These are the most popular companies in the fiction movie world. They both have their marked super heroes which are globally popular.

10. Duracell vs Energizer

Energizer was the leading company since 1800’s, later when duracell arrived the sales dropped down. Hence, these both companies have created great remarks in the world. THey both are noted companies and noticed rivals.

10 Ultimate Rival Companies Remembered in History!

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