10 Memorable Moments From The Umbrella Academy

Welcome to Humor Nation. Forget what you know about ordinary superhero stories, The Umbrella Academy has nothing ordinary about it as it brings with it a new angle for the world of superheroes. It completely turns things upside down and around complicated. unique and extraordinary would best describe the misfit bunch of siblings that graced the screen. If you’re a fan of music, you will definitely enjoy the watch as the musical bit of the series is quite on point. Join us as we relive the top 10 moments we think to stand out in the Umbrella Academy series.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Memorable Moments From The Umbrella Academy!


10 Memorable Moments From The Umbrella Academy

Starting us off at number 10 is a moment from the first episode where we get to see Sir Reginald Hargreaves painting off the birth mothers of the seven babies and later taking them to his mansion cum Academy. The scene sets the tone for the show as one is left puzzled and at the same time curious to find out how the babies will grow up to be, and what special gifts or abilities they might have. The seven nannies following closely with each baby stroller does more than cap off the scene.

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10 Memorable Moments From The Umbrella Academy

It is a moment from the second episode that we are given a glimpse of the seven children while they are still young the scene sees Sir Reginald Hargreaves and the children having a meal we get to see how each of the children has their own personalities and gifts the viewers a sense of family setting. We also get to see the strict character of Reginald Hargreaves and how each of the children respected more so feared the wrath of their mentor. The series manages to take us through a rollercoaster of emotions, as it gives us feelings of grief, sadness and still manages to emulate feelings of love between the siblings despite the many challenges that they’re facing remember.

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