The Great Undefeated Gama Pehalwan Who Inspired Bruce Lee

Gama Pehalwan, the real king of wrestling.. ..who had showed at the age of 17 .. ..that he is the uncrowned king of wrestling. His name is Ghulam Muhammad Butt.. ..whom everyone knows as the great Gama. Yes. We are talking about the wrestler Gama. The wrestler who was an example for every powerful man. Do you think you are the wrestler Gama?

The Great Undefeated Gama Pehalwan Who Inspired Bruce Lee

He was born on 22nd May 1878 and the City was Amritsar. Though he came from a wrestling background. Gama Pehalwan was just 10 when there was a bet as to who can do the most push ups at a function in Jodhpur. And the 10 years old Gama was counted among the top 10 wrestlers. And then the king of Jodhpur declared Gama the winner because the courage he showed at the age of 10 was indeed praiseworthy.

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It would shock you how Gama used to prepare for a wrestling bout. He would wrestle with 40 wrestlers every day. He would do 5000 sit ups and 3000 push ups. His everyday diet was 15 liter milk and a whole load of almond paste which he used to mix in a fruit juice and drink it. At age 17, Gama Pehalwan challenged the then champion Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala. Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala hailed from Gujranwala which became a part of Pakistan after. Rahim Baksh was roughly 7 feet tall. Gama was a mere 5.7 feet. They had a wrestling bout. It was a clash of the titans. Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala had passed his prime. But still he gave the young Gama Pehalwan a run for his money. And this bout proved to be a draw.


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