The Great Undefeated Gama Pehalwan Who Inspired Bruce Lee

By 1910, Gama Pehalwan had defeated almost all the great wrestlers. When he went to London for the first time, he wasn’t allowed to participate in wrestling. Then Gama threw a challenge. Get three great wrestler of any weight category. I’ll throw them out within 30 minutes. But no one volunteered. Everyone thought he was joking. Then he said come on, if I lose I’ll pay the prize money and leave. And one wrestler came after the other. He threw one out in one minute fourty seconds. The second in 9 minutes 10 seconds.

The Great Undefeated Gama Pehalwan Who Inspired Bruce Lee

Gama had trounced around international wrestler in two days. And then Stanislaus Zbyszko who was among the best wrestlers in the world, he had a bout with him. This was a long bout. And Zbyszko’s condition was so bad that he was in the defensive position for almost 2.5 hours. But later Zbyszko didn’t take the ring. And then Gama was declared the winner.

American Benzamine Roller, France’s Maurice Deriaz, European Champion Johann Lemm, world champion Jesse Peterson. Gama trounced all of them. Gama faced off against Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala once again. And this time after a long bout Gama became victorious. And whenever Gama would be asked to name his toughest opponent.. ..he would always take Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala’s name. His fame spread far and wide, and the prince of Wales gave Gama a silver maze.

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In 1928, came the bout in Patiala India which everyone was waiting for. Gama squared off against Zbyszko again. And this time Gama outdid himself. He beat Zbyszko in just 42 seconds. Gama who never lost! Someone who defeated both national and international wrestlers.

After partition he shifted to Pakistan. Gama spend his last days in Lahore Pakistan. The government gave him land, but still he spent his last days in great poverty. One of his huge fans G.D. Birla started a monthly pension of 2000 rupees. Government too gave him a pension of 300 rupees per month. It even volunteered to for pay for his medicines for as long as he is alive.

Gama died on 23 May 1960. Even martial artists like Bruce Lee were greatly impressed by Gama’s daily routine. Bruce lee too adopted some of his exercise routine. Ghulam Muhammad Butt aka Gama Pehelwan was always victorious and so was his name.

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