Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Finale Episodes Of TVD Franchise


Unknown And Interesting Trivia About The Finale Episodes Of TVD Franchise
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TVD finale is titled ‘I Was Feeling Epic’ and it featured plenty of references and callbacks to the earlier episodes of the show especially the ones from Season 1. In the final moments, Elena could be seen writing in her diary outside the Salvatore Crypt which is a callback to the pilot episode where we could see her writing in her journal. There is also a scene in which a crow flies over her head and she could be seen smiling. This is a reference to the pilot episode where Damon appeared in the form of a crow. And finally, Damon and Stefan reunite in heaven where Damon says his final line which is also his first line. The title of the episode is the iconic quote which was said by Lexi in Season 1 when she arrives in Mystic Falls to celebrate the birthday of Stefan.


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The ending of Originals received mixed reaction. While some fans found Elijah and Klaus meeting their end together poetic, but many complained and felt it was unnecessary for both of them to perish like that. There is a deleted scene from the Originals finale available on YouTube which is non-canon. Even Plec once confirmed that both Caroline and Klaus were supposed to end up together in Paris. But with the introduction of Stefan and Caroline’s romantic relationship, the plans changed. Further, the departure of Nina Dobrev from TVD also changed things, leaving no room for Klaus and Caroline to be together. But the deleted sees Klaus and Caroline sharing a moment together. Fans have pointed out how this is the original ending. Elijah taking the spirit of Hollow inside him and sacrificing himself, he is reunited with Hayley in afterlife. Klaus is spared, not making Hope an orphan. What are your thoughts about this ending?


The CW

All three shows; Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Legacies have tried their best to wrap up the story in the best way possible. The finale episode of the shows saw the demise of numerous main characters. It also featured cameos from some significant characters who were either deceased or have been away from the storylines.

  • Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Lexi Branson, Vicki Donovan, Tyler Lockwood, Gilbert Family all have found peace and appeared in the finale episode.
  • Hayley Marshall has found peace. Klaus and Elijah died with love in the hearts which implies they have found peace.
  • Vicki, Tyler, Hayley and Enzo appeared in the form of spirits watching over their loved ones in the finale episode.
  • Caroline Forbes is the only character in the TVD Universe who has appeared in the final episode of all three seasons.
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