Unknown And Interesting Facts About The TikTok Famous Nancy Jewel Mcdonie

Welcome to Humor Nation. Nancy Jewel Mcdonie also knew by the name Lee Seung Ri is a rising TikTok star. Her Tik-Tok videos are viral and become the most trending content on the internet these days. She is a South Korean singer and also a member of the girls’ group Momoland.

So here are some unknown and interesting facts about the Tik-Tok star Nancy Momoland!!

1. Nancy Jewel Mcdonie was born on 13 April 2000, in Daegu, South Korea. She is the daughter of a Korean mother and American father and she has one elder sister name Cellist. She spent most of her life in Ohio, USA and Nancy and her family are practicing Catholics.

Unknown And Interesting Facts About The TikTok Famous Nancy Jewel Mcdonie

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2. During her teenage year, this TikTok star Nancy returned to South Korea in order to pursue high school in Hanlim Multi Arts High School and graduated on February 9, 2018.

Unknown And Interesting Facts About The TikTok Famous Nancy Jewel Mcdonie

3. Nancy is a member of a girls group Momoland and the group’s lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual, center, and maknae. After becoming a member of the group people know her now by the name Nancy Momoland or Momoland Nancy and she is also a part of the girl group ” Sunny Girls”.

4. Nancy, like dancing and singing from her childhood and because of that talent she participated at the age of 11, in Koreas Got Talent as part of the hip hop group called ‘Cutie Pies” in 2011. People like her performance in the show and become her big fan and she also released many hit albums and she is also ranked in the 18th position in the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018 of the TC Candler.

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5. Nancy is already a famous Korean singer, but recently, she became trending because of her viral videos on TikTok, which are made by her fans. Someone just makes the sketch of the girl and posts the video on Tik-Tik and her face was quite matching with the face of Nancy and the video goes viral after her fans put her video from youtube in Tik-Tok with a song “Ye Dil Teri Aankhon Me Dooba”.

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