Unknown And Interesting Facts About Vijay Deverakonda

Welcome back to Humor nation. Vijay Devara Konda is a highly talented and versatile actor in Tollywood. An actor who is well known as Kabir Singh. He calls his fan rowdies which shows his friendly connection with the audience.

Here are some facts about Vijay Deverakonda

1) Vijay got his first Filmfare award for the film Arjun Reddy but he sold it in an auction. He got 25 Lakhs through this and donate the amount to the CM relief fund. For this, he said that award is not that important but the appreciation by the audience and fans is worthy enough

Unknown And Interesting Facts About Vijay Devarakonda2) He has launched his fashion clothing line which is known as rowdy wear. Rowdy has been listed as India’s No.1 mobile app in the Lifestyle category on either platform.

Unknown And Interesting Facts About Vijay Devarakonda

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3) Vijay should have to smoke cigarettes during the shooting of Arjun Reddy because of which after this movie he becomes habitual of smoking while he is drinking but he is trying to leave this urge.

4) He is a son of Telugu film director Deverakonda Govardhan Rao. Vijay is fond of doing creative things. He considered his graduation time as one of the most boring phase. Once his father asked him to do something we do not want to waste our money on you. Then he asked his father to admit him in drama school and this is the turning point of his life

Unknown And Interesting Facts About Vijay Devarakonda


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