Unknown Facts About Nana Patekar That Will Make You Respect Him

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Nana Patekar has always been a true inspiration for everyone in this country, he is also one of the most generous actors we’ve known till now. He has done a lot to improve the life of the farmers and regularly donates them as much as possible. So let’s know about him more!

So here are some facts about Nana Patekar that will surely make you respect him!

1. Even though Nana Patekar can afford a luxurious life, he still chose to live in a 1BHK apartment with his mother.

2. Nana also donated Rs 15,000 to all 62 families of those farmers who’d committed suicide in a region named Marathwada.

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3. For the welfare of the poor farmers, Nana ‘s foundation collected a total of Rs. 22 crore. From this amount they’ll fill the dry lakes of the villages so that they get water supply and also provide drinking water to all villagers.

4. For his role in the movie “Prahaar”, he underwent army training for 3 years. For that, he was given Captain’s honorary rank. After the last shot of the movie, he had served the Indian army.

5. Nana’s foundation named “NAAM” got a good response from the crowd and also successfully collected Rs. 80 Lakh in a single day.

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