Unknown Facts About Your Favorite Fast-Food!

Fast-food dangers
I hope you're feeling fantastic and today at the Humor Nation, we are talking about fast-food. Fast-food is convenient.

I hope you’re feeling fantastic and today at the Humor Nation, we are talking about fast-food. Fast-food is a convenient and often delicious way to get your tummy fill without having to cook. However, as the fast-food industry is growing, shocking facts about the side effects are also coming into light. Today we will tell you some secrets about the fast-food industry. Some of them might impress you while others may disgust you.

Take A Look At Some Unknown Facts About Your Favorite Fast-Food

1. Milkshakes Contain Tons Of Chemicals

Some milkshakes contain more chemicals than your average fertilizer. In 2006, UK publication ‘The Guardian’ run an expose on your typical fast-food strawberry milkshake. Their findings were absolutely shocking. Your average garden fertilizer has around 10 chemicals. Guess how many a strawberry milkshake has? They found 59 chemicals in a single glass of milkshake. There are so many chemicals in a single glass of your favorite milkshake. Unless a strawberry milkshake comes from real strawberries which it seldom in a budget of fast-food, chemicals are what required to generate a fake strawberry flavor.

2. 20% Meals In America Are Eaten In Cars

I mean this is absolutely insane. Not only does the U.S. the biggest consumer of fast food in the world, they also love eating it in the car. I hate eating when a car is moving. I’d rather sit down and enjoy something that I’ve paid for. I guess in the United States though, they really want the fast part of the fast food. This is such a disgusting thing.

3. McDonald’s Serves 1% Of The World’s Population Everyday

McDonald’s is officially the biggest fast-food provider in the world. According to Business Insider, the world’s most popular food chain feeds 1 percent of the world’s population each day selling 75 hamburgers a second. McDonald’s has a bigger economy than Ecuador and American consumers alone buy a billion pounds of beef from the chain each year. That’s roughly five and a half million head of cattle.

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4. McDonald’s Burgers Will Look The Same in 14 Years Time

A Nebraska doctor’s office made headlines for displaying a two-year-old McDonald’s burger that looks pretty new. They did this in order to warn patients of the dangers of preservatives in fast foods. The high salt content coupled with the chemicals present in fast-food burgers and buns mean that the food won’t decompose at the same rate fresh food will. In fact, a McDonald’s burger is likely to stay looking same for around 14 years. That is kind of scary though.

5. 250 McDonald’s Ads Yearly For U.S. Kids

As childhood obesity figures continue to rise at an alarming rate, as does the amount McDonald’s spends on advertising every year. McDonald’s spends around a billion dollars on advertising each year. Now, what does this mean? Well, studies have shown that the average six to eleven-year-old American child consumes 250 pieces of advertising food from the food giant’s each year.

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