Unknown Interesting Facts About The Symbol Of Beauty- Princess Qajar

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. After reading the title, you must be thinking of a young, beautiful and a charming personality which to a surprise, we are talking about a girl with a plain mustache and a unibrow eye-brows. This may be a big turn off for you but Princess Qajar was considered the most demanded and beautiful lady in Persia at that time, this is because what’s inside was more important than the external beauty. Let’s dive deep into her life and get amused at best:

Here are some interesting facts about the princess Qajar of Persia, also known as the Symbol of Beauty:

1. More than 13 men committed suicide because of rejection:

She was the most demanded lady at that time of Persia and men could go balls for marrying her or even for a glimpse of her. This was the reason why all of the 13 men committed suicide after Princess Qajar rejected their marriage proposal. She was also considered very smart and an Outspoken person which is why she was the desired princess for all.Unknown Interesting Facts About The Symbol Of Beauty- Princess Qajar

2. Her net worth was 300,000 US dollars:

She was 58 years old when she died, in the year 1936. She had a bachelor’s degree in English and she was a great poet and a painter. Lots of skills with a lot of beauty I guess! But this doesn’t end here, she was also worth 300,000 US dollars till the time of her death. Beauty with brains and a lot of money for sure, fantasizing her? are you?

3. She was considered the epitome of inner beauty and simplicity:

With the facial description that I told you and a 5’6 height with 60 kg weight, and after observing the photos closely, you can make one thing very clear that she wasn’t a beautiful ‘looking‘ girl. Actually, she was considered beautiful because of her internal beauty and a pure soul to which everybody in Persia was a fan of. What if the same mentality was present today, we would be living in a different world altogether.

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4. Her full name was Princess “Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh”:

She was the daughter of the King of Persia Naser al-Din Shah(1843-96) and a poet, Painter, activist, and Intellectual person, skilled enough? She was also a feminist and a trailblazer for Women’s rights. And She was no less than a Queen of the people, and she also started various groups to fight for the rights of the women and giving them what they deserved.


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