Unseen Beautiful And Amazing Mothers Of South Indian Actresses!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Tollywood impresses audience by it’s action, romance and everything. Actresses of South Indian movies are also adorable in looking as well as admired by many people, but we never noticed their mother who give birth to them and even make them this much capable of doing such a brilliant job in industry. Many actresses entered in Bollywood also and praised by everyone. South Indian rules the heart of their fans. Fans always are interested in star’s personal life and their families. Here are the beautiful mothers of the South Indian beauties.

So Let’s Take A Look At Beautiful Unseen Mothers Of South Indian Actresses!

10. Hansika Motwani

Unseen Beautiful And Amazing Mothers Of South Indian Actresses!

Hansika’s other is very close to her mother Mona Motwani who is a doctor by profession.

9. Anushka Shetty

Anushka is very close to her mother. Her mother Prafulla Shetty came from Bellipady Uramalu Guthu family in Mangalore and played a crucial role in her career.

8. Shriya Saran 

One of the most beautiful and successful actresses of Tollywood. Her mother name is Neeraja.

7. Trisha Krishnan

Uma Krishnan is the mother of Trisha who always support her daughter and is the ideal Jodi of mother and daughter. Their beautiful bonding with each other helps Trisha to get success in her life. She used to say that, she got the best mom in the world and also is the pillar of her life and happiness. She has been simply amazing.

6. Tamanna Bhatia

Rajani Bhatia is the mother of Tamanna and they both look so adorable and supportive too. Just like other mothers and daughters they also work together too. They both spotted together in the US trip where they had a great time together. Tammu always used to say that in her life, she is the biggest inspiration. And supportive persons are his mom and dad, and just because of them she is successful today.

5. Kajal Agarwal

Kajal got one of the cutest mother Suman, unlike others she is not seen much with Kajal as she is a confectioner in Mumbai and is busy in his business and their stuffs but she really proud of her daughter and always gives her support to move forward.

4. Shruti Hassan

Sarika Hassan is the mother of Shruti and is an Indian actress and often acted in the role of ‘westernized girl’ as she used to look like so. She always used to support her daughter. She gave her career after her marriage with Kamal Hassan and later moved with him during the peak of career and have two beautiful daughters Shruti and Akshara.

3. Ileana D’cruz 

Her mother’s name is Samira and she is a hotel manager and just because of her mom she got this much success. Even she joined her modelling career just because of her mother. Ilena gets her good looks just from her mother and she is almost copy of her mother.

2. Taapsee Pannu

The beautiful housewife Nirmaljeet is the mother of Taapsee pannu. She used to share pics with her family on social media and she love her parents alot. Smile of Taapsee is seriously so mesmerizing.

1. Genelia D’Souza

Jeanette D’Souza is a director of Pharmaceutical company, Even she left her career for her daughter. She support her daughter at every step of life.
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