Famous Unseen Cartoon Characters That Have Their Faces Revealed!

Hello people! What’s up? Welcome back to another amazing, entertaining and very interesting article of Humor Nation. Today what we got for you is six famous unseen cartoon characters that we haven’t seen their faces. If you haven’t liked our Facebook page then go ahead and do it first. Have you seen a cartoon show and you always seen that one character not revealing his/her face. For some reason, you would not see their face, I have six such famous cartoon characters whose faces were not seen through out the show, but they finally have their faces revealed today. Finally you’ll catch a glimpse of their faces.

We all watched a lot of cartoons while growing up, from the classic Tom & Jerry to the Adventure Time. But there’s always been a mystery associated with the cartoons, and that is the characters’ faces. In many cartoons, there’s that one character who seems to keep that face hidden through out the show, and we never seem to know how they look like. But that is until they mess up.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Famous Unseen Cartoon Characters That Have Their Faces Revealed!

1. Eddy’s Brother From Ed, Edd N Eddy

Famous Unseen Cartoon Characters That Have Their Faces Revealed!

Now who doesn’t remember this classic show from the 90s. This Canadian-American animated show revolves around three pre-teen boys Ed, Edd, and Eddy who live in Suburban town of Peach Creek. The show has a running gag of talking about the parents and siblings, but without actually showing them..ever. For example Eddy talks about how awesome his brother is, but we never see him until the last movie. In the Ed, Edd N Eddy Big Picture Show movie which serves as the show finale. We get to see Eddy’s brother.

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2. Nanny From Tom & Jerry! (Episode No. 48, 1950)

This classic show from the previous century makes it impossible for the people to not know about the famous cat and mouse duo. The show was so popular that it inspired many spin-offs, remakes, and reboots, but nothing beats the original. In the 48th episode ‘Saturday Evening Puss’ we get to see the face of the Nanny. In the episode, Nanny goes out with her friends while Tom has a party at the house in the absence of Nanny. After getting thrown out of the party, Jerry decides to inform the Nanny, calls her, and tells her what Tom has been doing behind her back.

3. Ms Sara Bellum From The Powerpuff Girls (Special Episode Produced In 2009)

The Powerpuff Girls revolves around three girls named  Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup who have superpowers. The girls are frequently sought for help by the town’s Mayor to deal with the criminals in the city. Sara Bellum is known for being the brains in the Mayor’s office, but for the longest time we never get to see her face in any way. Until the 10th anniversary special episode of the show where her face was revealed.

4. Mom And Dad From Cow And Chicken (S02, E14, 1998)

This 90’s hit show features the adventures of two animal siblings; a cow and a chicken. There’s a theory that in the end of the episode of the show, the camera pans out to reveal that Cow & Chicken parents are only lower half of their bodies with no top.

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5. Wizard Kelly From The Proud Family (The Proud Family Movie, 2005)

The story of this show revolves around a minority family and their adventures in suburbia.  Wizard Kelly is a smart, very wealthy, famous businessman, and the mayor of the town. His face is never show in the show except in one scene in the the proud family film.

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