Unseen Star Kids Of Famous Bollywood Celebrities

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Not all star kids like magazines following them and so they stay a bit away from all such situations and live a private life. There are many star kids you must not be aware of until now, so today we’ll show you some star kids who haven’t been seen much in public. So let’s start and know about them.

So here are the photos of those unseen star kids of famous Bollywood celebs!

1. R. Madhavan’s son

Unseen Star Kids Of Famous Bollywood Celebrities

R. Madhavan has a son named Vedant Madhavan and not many people until now knew how he looked as his parents never let him face the media.

2. Javed Jaffrey’s children

Javed Jaffrey has two sons and a daughter. His daughter’s name is Alaviaa Jaffrey and his elder son’s name is Mizaan Jaffrey and his younger’s is Abbas Jaffrey.

3. Arshad Warsi’s children

Arshad Warsi has two children and his son’s name is Zeke Warsi and daughter is Zene Zoe Warsi.

4. Ayushmann Khurrana’s children

Not many people must be aware that Ayushmann Khurrana is the father of two children. His son’s name is Virajveer Khurrana and his daughter is Varushka Khurrana.

5. Bobby Deol’s children

Bobby Deol’s children are also not that famous and he is the father of two sons. His elder son’s name is Aryaman Deol and his younger’s is Dharam Deol.

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