Unspoken Love Affairs Of Indian Political Leaders

3. Indira Gandhi and Mohammed Yunus

Indira Gandhi has always been very controversial and her marriage ended with Feroze Gandhi after the birth of Rajeev Gandhi. It was a viral rumor that Sanjay Gandhi was Indira and Yunus’s son, Mohammed Yunus has also been Indira’s advisor for many years and they also went to many trips together to be away from any chaos. It is also believed that somewhere Sanjay Gandhi knew that he was Yunus’s son and used this fact against his own mother.

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2. Mayawati and Kanshi Ram

Kanshi Ram has also been Mayawati’s mentor and well-wisher for quite a long time but they had always denied to having an affair and they always made clear to the public that they are not sharing any romantic relationship. But it is not known to many that when Mayawati was abandoned by her father, she stayed with Kanshi Ram and were secretly sharing a relationship. It was always seen in Mayawati’s behavior that Kanshi Ram was more than a mentor because she always felt insecure when Kanshi Ram came close to someone else.

1. Feroze Gandhi and Kamla Nehru

Kamla Nehru was Jawaharlal Nehru’s wife and she was so beautiful that his own son-in-law, Feroze Gandhi fell for his beauty. It is said that they had an affair for many years and that relationship ended when Kamla Nehru died. Many letters were found that showed they shared a relation but however, the Gandhi family declined such rumors to cover their pride.

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