Vampire Diaries: 5 Characters Who Were Almost Played By Different Actors


Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries has ended and if there’s ever any possibility of the reboot with different actors then the fans won’t let it happen. The reason being the brilliant cast of TVD have immortalized themselves with their performances. Whenever we hear the name of Damon Salvatore, the face of Ian Somerhalder comes in our mind. Or whenever we see Joseph Morgan on a different show, playing a different character, we recognize him as Klaus Mikaelson. Arguably, the TVD roles of these actors will forever remain the highlight of their career. And that’s saying a lot because these actors have been part of numerous other successful shows and movies. But what if these iconic Vampire Diaries characters were played by some different actors. Would the roles be still that effective and memorable?

So Take A Look At 5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Were Almost Played By Different Actors


The CW

Gray’s Anatomy fans will forever recognize Camilla as Dr. Josephine Wilson. The actress has also voiced the character of Lara Croft in the popular Tomb Raider Video games. But did you know she could have been Rebekah Mikaelson. The actress revealed in a Twitter post about the roles that she auditioned nearly a decade ago. She mentioned that she auditioned for the role of Rebekah Mikaelson, but didn’t get the part. Camilla said that it would have been fun to play the role of Rebekah.


Vampire Diaries: 5 Characters Who Were Almost Played By Different Actors
The CW

Many of you are well aware that Nina Dobrev bombed her audition. It was her second chance which impressed the creators and resulted in her bagging the role of Elena. Did you know CW Network originally wanted Ashlee Simpson, sister of the popular singer Jessica Simpson, to be cast in the role of Elena. Even Disney actress Ashley Tisdale was also approached for the role, but she turned it down for a different show. Lucky for us, Nina Dobrev ended up getting the role. It was also due to Nina’s chemistry with Paul Wesley that everyone became convinced that Paul would be the right candidate for the Stefan’s role. At the time when Nina Dobrev was cast as Elena, it received plenty of backlash as the Elena in the books was blonde. But the creators took the liberty of making several changes from the books. What do you think? Do you feel any other actress would have justified the character of Elena Gilbert.


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