Vampire Diaries Cast And Their Dating, Relationships, And Love Stories

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. While Vampire Diaries is a Supernatural TV show. It featured plenty of love stories and tales of romance in its eight seasons. Romance has been a central theme in driving the plot. The love triangle of Elena and the Salvatores was the central theme in the first couple of seasons. While not every love story in the Vampire Diaries met the perfect ending. They have been very bittersweet, some of the romantic couples did manage to find the much deserved happy ending whereas many characters on the show met a tragic fate. They were devoid of the much deserved happy ending for their ship either because these characters were written off or they were paired off with someone else. Stelena was a ship which was destined to be together, but circumstances forced Stefan and Elena apart. Stefan ended up sacrificing whereas Elena found true love in the form of Damon. But what about the love stories of the actors who portrayed these characters?

So Take A Look At Vampire Diaries Cast And Their Dating, Relationships, And Love Stories


Vampire Diaries Cast And Their Dating, Relationships, And Love Stories
The CW

Nina Dobrev was born in Sofia, but at a young age she moved to Toronto where she would do her schooling and learn gymnastics. While doing her graduation, she realized her passion in acting and started seeking acting gigs. Nina ended up appearing in several films such as ‘Away from Her’ and TV shows like ‘Degrassi: Next Generation’, but it was Vampire Diaries which became her breakout role. While working on the Vampire Diaries, she grew closer to her co-star Ian Somerhalder who played Damon Salvatore. Nina has revealed that she had the one rule of not dating her co-stars, but she couldn’t help when it came to Ian as their attraction was natural. Nina and Ian dated for 3 years, but they parted ways in the year 2013.

In 2015, a report came that the TVD star started dating the Dolphin Tale actor Austin Stowell. Their relationship was lasted for 7-8 months and they split up in 2016. Nina’s name was then linked with Glen Powell for some part in 2017. In 2020, fans came to get the idea that Nina and the Olympian Shaun White are dating after they posted similar location snaps on their social media, and soon they made their relationship public.


Vampire Diaries Cast And Their Dating, Relationships, And Love Stories
The CW

Kat Graham was engaged to the actor Cottrell Guidry in the year 2012, but she would split from her fiancee in 2014. The Vampire Diaries actress would then begin a relationship with Darren Genet who worked as a Cinematographer on Vampire Diaries. In 2022, it was confirmed that Kat has been engaged to Darren.


Vampire Diaries Cast And Their Dating, Relationships, And Love Stories

Like his character Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley had quite a luck when it came to love life. Paul fell in love with the actress Torrey DeVitto while working together on a film in 2007. They would get married in 2011, but parted ways in 2013. Interestingly, Torrey DeVitto appeared in the TVD playing the role of Dr. Meredith Fell. After splitting with Torrey, it was reported that Paul was involved with TVD actress Phoebe Tonkin for a few years, but eventually it too didn’t work out. Paul would go on to marry Ines De Ramon in the 2019, but announced separation in 2022. According to several reports, Paul Wesley is currently dating Natalie Kuckenburg. The two have been spotted together at several places. Whereas Paul’s ex-wife Ines De Ramon is reportedly dating the Oscar winning actor Brad Pitt.


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