Vampire Diaries & Its Connection With Other TV Shows

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Did you know that the personality of Elena different significantly from the books. She has been depicted as selfish, insecure, proudy in the books. The character of Caroline Forbes sort of borrowed her personality in the TV show. The novels featured various other characters and vampires also displayed numerous other supernatural abilities which are absent in the show. Do you know Vampire Diaries shares numerous similarities with various other television shows which not every fan is aware of.

So Take A Look At The Vampire Diaries & Its Connection With Other TV Shows


Vampire Diaries & Its Connection With Other TV Shows
The CW

If you have seen Riverdale then you would be surprised to know that it has an interesting similarity with the Vampire Diaries. Even though both the show are set in different universes, but they have a common connection. It is the shooting location. The Thistlehouse where the Blossoms resided after their Thornhill mansion was burned away by Cheryl is actually the Salvatore House which we saw in the pilot episode of the Vampire Diaries. The pilot was shot in Vancouver, but then the filming moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The Salvatore House appears in the pilot episode. It is where Damon makes his debut on the show. Now if you look back at the episode, you can easily make the connection. In Riverdale Season 1 finale, after learning about the truth of his father, Cheryl is devastated and ends up burning their family mansion. Cheryl along with her family moves to the Thistlehouse and makes it their residence for the rest of the show.


Vampire Diaries & Its Connection With Other TV Shows

As you are well aware that Supernatural which originally aired on WB moved to CW Network in 2006. Supernatural has aired on CW since its season 2. Vampire Diaries made its debut on CW Network in 2009. Both of the shows share numerous similarities, both have Supernatural themes, two brothers as its main characters, and became extremely hit with the young audiences. It’s always been a dream of many fans to see the crossover between the two. You would be surprised to know that this fantasy could have become a reality at one point. The team of Supernatural approached the TVD creators with the proposal of a crossover when TVD was in in its Season 2. The crossover would have made sense too. But at that time, TVD was trying to establish itself, they had too much on their plate whereas Supernatural was already an established show. Julie Plec revealed that in the hindsight that was something they should have definitely done. An interaction between the Winchesters and the Salvatores would have made the dreams of the fans come true.


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