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This shouldn’t be a surprise. Both Originals and Legacies are the spin-offs of the Vampire Diaries, set in the same Universe, features numerous characters from the Vampire Diaries. Both of these shows have been created by Julie Plec and they follow a completely different storyline. While TVD focused on the brotherly Salvatore relationship and around the love triangle between Elena and the Salvatores for the most part. Originals takes a different path. It features the Mikaelson Family who are the primary protagonists of the show and it features storylines revolving around every Original Vampire. Many critics call Originals to be superior to TVD in terms of characters and storytelling. Interestingly, there have been crossovers between TVD & The Originals. A Season 4 episode of TVD served as the backdoor pilot for the Originals. Much of the footage and content of this backdoor is used in the pilot episode of the Originals.

Legacies is also set in the TVD Universe. It’s technically a spin-off of The Originals, revolving around Hope Mikaelson as she adjusts to her new life at the Salvatore School for the Gifted after losing both of her parents. Hope also learns to harbor her magic potential, becoming one of the most powerful beings in the TVD Universe. Legacies was supposed to have a fifth season. However, the show didn’t get a renewal and was cancelled after the fourth season. Legacies is much light hearted in tone compared to both Vampire Diaries and Originals.

It’s interesting to see what happens to the future of Vampire Diaries Universe. Julie Plec has definitely made it clear that it’s not the end, it’s like a pause. She would surely return with the next installment set in the TVD Universe.

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While many people think that Vampire Academy is also a part of the TVD Universe due to the word ‘Vampire’ in its title, but both the shows are not directly related. Even though TVD is based on novels and Vampire Academy is also based on books. But the interesting connection both of these shows have Julie Plec in common. She is the co-creator and the head writer of the Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Legacies. Plec is also leading the charge of creation of the Vampire Academy. Interestingly, the co-producer for this show is Marguerite Macintyre who is best known for her role of Elizabeth Forbes in the Vampire Diaries, the sheriff of Mystic Falls, and mother of Caroline Forbes.

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