Where Is Veerana Actress Jasmine Dhunna Now?

Welcome to Humor Nation. The beautiful heroine of the horrors, an actress whose smooth silky body in the song ‘Sathi Mere Sathi’ mesmerized everyone, and who terrified everyone by becoming a witch. Her name is Jasmine Dhunna. She rose to mainstream popularity with her performance in the hit film ‘Veerana’. Veerana which was directed by Ramsay Brothers was a big hit when it was released.

Where Is Veerana Actress Jasmine Dhunna Now?

So who is Jasmine Dhunna? And where is this Veerana fame actress now?

The actress appeared in only two films before Veerana. Producer N.D. Kothari in 1979 directed a film ‘Sarkari Mehmaan’ which introduced the actress Jasmine Dhunna on the big screen for the first time. The music of the film was given by Ravindra Jain. N.D. Kothari again directed a film in 1984 called Divorce’. The film starred Vijayendra Ghatge and Sharmila Tagore, Jasmine had a great role in the film. But in the 1988 released Veerana got Jasmine the mainstream fame.

Her expressions, her beautiful sensuous body, her agonizing and scary screams, and a strong performance in the film made fans fall in love with the actress.


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The Ramsay Brothers were looking for a different kind of face for their horror film and they found it in Jasmine Dhunna. But after the success of the film and the fame she earned, the actress vanished in thin air. She was nowhere to be found. Even today a lot of her fans Google to know her whereabouts.

There is not much information available on the Internet about her background, her family, and other details. Not even a picture of her after the ‘Veerana’ film is available on the Internet, there’s no record of any of her public appearances. So what has happened to this beautiful actress? Is she even alive?

Some media reports said that the actress received calls from the Underworld Don who wanted to meet her. And this scared her so much that she quit her film career and vanished.

One report said that the actress moved to America where she married some man and is now happily settled. Another report suggested that she moved to Jordan. But where is Jasmine Dhunna? A question that still lingers in the minds of many fans!

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There is no one else except Jasmine who can answer all these questions. But her disappearance will surely remain a mystery. But wherever she is, she will forever be remembered as one of the most beautiful horror queens of all time.

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