Real Ending of Vikram Betaal Series! The Final Vikram-Betaal Story!

We all have grown up watching the famous ‘Vikram Betaal’ TV Series. But there’s always been one question that has bothered us! WHAT WAS THE END OF THE STORY? The famous director and show producer Ramanand Sagar showed us 26 stories in the famous TV Series, but in reality, there are only 25 stories.

Real Ending of Vikram Betaal Series! The Final Vikram-Betaal Story!

So today Humor Nation will reveal to you the 25th story on which the show’s ending was based. Not even the wise king Vikram was able to answer the question of this story.

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If you don’t know about the show then let me tell you the story and its synopsis in a very detailed away. The story starts when a Yogi approaches Vikramaditya who is a king. The yogi orders the king to bring a corpse AKA Betaal for the Yagya that he’s performing. So King Vikram goes and fetches the Betaal. While traveling back to Yogi, Betaal tells Vikram a story and asks him a question at the end of the story. Each time Vikram gives the correct answer, the Betaal goes back to the tree. This keeps happing till the 24th story.


So in the 25th story, King Vikram is unable to give a correct answer because the question had more than one correct answer. This made Betaal realize that Vikram is not some ordinary king. He then tells Vikram that when Vikram will take him to the Yogi, the Yogi would ask Vikram to look into the Yagna Kund, and he will then sacrifice Vikram to be in the possession of Betaal forever. The Betaal asks King Vikram to kill the Yogi and that he will remain in his service forever.

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And so it happens, Vikram kills the Yogi and Betaal then starts serving him. They both continue their many adventures which you can read in ‘Sinhasan Battisi’ book.

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