10 Incredible Volcano Eruptions Captured On Camera!

Hello readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation! There are several scenarios and weird things different cameras of the world captured. Some cameras captured the seldom sight of volcano eruption too. This is what we are going to read today. Welcome again to an adventurous ride of read.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Incredible Volcano Eruptions Captured On Camera!

1. Pahoa

This is an active volcano located in Hawaii. In 2014, lava started flowing east. There were several measures taken to cease it, but nothing worked. The Lava melted the metal road fence. This started to flow on road and burn down every thing on it’s road.

2. Sakurajima Volcano

This volcano is in Japan, it erupted in 2016. This eruption was so huge and it tumble down to just 30 miles to nuclear power plant. However, many people were most amazed about the lighting happening in the clouds. This was a lethal combination.

3. Mount Tavurvur

This is located in papua New Guinea. Eruption took place in 2014. Some foreigners or visitors were there to capture. The eruption was very vehement sount. Probably the loudest.

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4. Popocatepetl

This is located in southeast Mexico, and it erupts in every few years and when it exploded in september 2017, there were some cameras to capture it. The rock and ashes spilt down miles away from the rock. Over nearby towns. It is kept under surveillance of scientists because 25 million people live near to it.

5. Turrialba Volacon

This is located in Costa Rica and it erupted in September 2016. This volcano was spewing out hot ash. The event consist of 4 eruptions back to back which led to the closure of capital cities. Severe protection methods were adapted to protect skin and eyes.


6. Mount Shindake

This is in Japan and the eruption was huge. The team raised the alert of 5. And also 140 cities were asked to evacuate. This was a very unexpected and uproarious eruption in 2015.

7. The Mayon Volcano

This volcano eruption held from time to time. It is situated in Philippines. Recent news shows that in January 2018, a huge eruption took place. The picture were taken in night. It spilled hot rock to 3 km above in the sky. An alert to level 4 was issued.

8. Journey to the Center of the Planet

This is a picture taken from the documentary. In this a scientist tried to get near the volcano to take the sample. When he reached near, it exploded. The lava was flowing at a vicious speed. He left the spot minutes before the lava reached there.

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9. Mt. St. Helens

This is located in Washington. On may 18th 1980, this volcano erupted. It is notably called as the most disastrous single eruption in the US history. The whole north face of the volcano slid away. It spilled molten gas and rocks. The rocks reached to 11 US states. Everybody was surprised at this sheer scale of eruption.

10. Kilauea Volcano

This volcano is also called the never stopping volcano. Moreover, it keep on exploding but the things went to notch on new year’s eve in 2016. There rose a delta from which there was a continuous flow of lava into the river. The wall street journal also captured this eruption.

10 Incredible Volcano Eruptions Captured On Camera!

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