Was The Mogul King Aurangzeb A Good Or Bad Ruler? Look At The Facts And Decide!

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Every person inherits both good and bad qualities within itself, it’s just the way we portray ourselves. You may know about Aurangzeb that how brutal he was with his countrymen, but he also had some good qualities which you may not be aware of.

So first let’s check out some good qualities of Aurangzeb

1. Moral seeker

Good And Bad Qualities Of Aurangzeb

Under his rule, he issued laws against prostitution, gambling, drinking, etc and tried to enforce moral values into his citizens.

2. First Use Of Rockets

Aurangzeb was the first to use rockets during a war in India during the siege of Bidar as he was very much into bringing the latest technology for his military.

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3. First Love

Aurangzeb once fell in love with a mistress of his uncle named Hira Bai and when she died during childbirth, he went into depression and a state of shock as she was her first and true love. SAD!

4. Very Particular

In order to manage his expenses, he made handwritten Qurans and rarely drank alcohol. He used to manage his own and others expenses and kept a record of everything himself.

5. Brave and Scholar

He started participating in war since he was 15 and even fought against two furious elephants at such a tender age. Even when he was 87, he stood bravely against his enemies in war. He was even a scholar and had a great interest in reading books and learning more about literature.

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