10 Weird Beauty Secrets Of Historical Women

Heyya readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Beauty is something all of us desire for. No matter how much the world brags about inner beauty, an attractive face overpowers every skill. And probably this is the reason women work so hard for a flawless skin and perfect hair.

Historically, women followed some strange regime to achieve that glow on their face. Following are the names and beauty secrets that they followed.

10. Empress Elizabeth

The beauty secret of Elizabeth was crushing strawberries and applying them all over her face and neck. She bathed in warm olive oil. Her dinner was extracts of chicken, beef, venison, and partridge that helped her stay slim.

10 Weird Beauty Secrets Of Historical Women

9. Cleopatra

The queen stole all hearts with her perfect beauty. She applied crocodile dung powder under her eyes. Her lipstick was mashed beetle guts. The queen bathed in the milk of 700 donkeys to have that wrinkle-free skin.

8. Nefertiti

Nefertiti shaved her body regularly, even her head and used a wig. Her kajal was a ‘kohl’ and also she used many other toxic substances to keep up her beauty regime.


7. Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth’s beauty secret was a mixture of lead and vinegar. She used to put them all over her skin and was sooner trapped by some smallpox as a side effect.

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6. Marie Antoinette

The French queen applied a mask made of powdered milk, lemon, eggs, and cognac. she also used a weird product as her cleanser. 8 pigeons were stewed to make this product.

5. Mary – Queen of Scots

Mary was not a natural beauty. She bathed into a bathtub full of white wine to get that fair glowing skin. Many nations still follow this secret.

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