11 Weird Fatwas Which Were Actually Issued!

Hello Folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Fatwas are issued against people who try to sacrilege Islam, by immoral words or deeds. It is issued by Islamic authorities. The people who issue these fatwas are knowledgeable on the account of their rulings. From a decade these fatwas are issued against celebrities and organisation, and have created controversies in the country.

So, let us know about 11 famous fatwas issued against Indians:

1. Fatwa Against Salman Khan for the time when he allowed Madame Tussaud’s gallery in London to make his wax statue. He should have told NO to the officials to create his statue at Madame Tussaud’s gallery in London.

2. Fatwa Against Veena Malik for when she was in reality show for searching her spouse and also one for when she posed in minimal clothes.

3. Fatwa Against A.R. Rahman for a film named ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’, the fatwa was issued by a Sunni Muslim Group located in Mumbai. Muhammad: A Messenger of God was the first film in the trilogy of Prophet Muhammad’s life.

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4. Fatwa Against Shah Rukh Khan for his alleged comments and remarks that he made against Islam.

5. Fatwa Against Harivansh Rai Bachchan for Madhushala. It was issued because he used Rubaiyat in the poem, he was praising wine.


6. Fatwa Against Salman Rushdie for his novel ‘The Satanic verses’ which had depicted a very wrong image of the Prophet Muhammad according to some Muslim groups.

7. Fatwa Against Sania Mirza because of wearing lawn tennis clothes while playing the tennis, WOW!. She was asked to wear long tunics and headscarves while playing Tennis.

8. Fatwa Against Sonu Nigam for his controversial tweet about Azaan. Maulvi Syed Shah Atef Ali said-“10 Lakh Rupees would be awarded to shave his head off”. Sonu hits back by tweeting: “Today, 2 P.M. AAlim will come to shave my head, keep 10 Lakh Rs. ready”.

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9. Fatwa Against Taslima Nasreen who is a Bangladeshi author for her controversial remarks on Islam on the auspicious occasion of Haj and Id-ul-Juha.

10. Fatwa Against Mosque Rebuilt By Indian Army. This fatwa stated that the mosque should only be built by other Muslims. This fatwa was issued by Mufti in Kashmir.

11. Fatwa Against Muslims Joining BJP.  Imran Kidwai said- “a fatwa would be released to stop Muslims from joining BJP”.

11 Weird Fatwas Which Were Actually Issued!

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