10 Weird Marriage Traditions From Around The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There are tons of marriage traditions in this country and different community follows different tradition, like stealing the groom’s shoes during the wedding and so on. Different people have a different belief in their tradition so you may witness some weird customs too. So let’s take a look at those traditions.

So here are those 10 weird marriage traditions from around the world that’ll make you go crazy!

10. Banging on the wedding night in France

10 Weird Marriage Traditions From Around The World

In France, there is a tradition named Charivari and in this relatives and friends of the newlywed bang plates and pans outside the house of the new couple to disturb them from consummating their marriage.

9. Fat farms

In Mauritania, there is a belief that the fatter the wife the better the marriage, so they are sent to fat farms after marriage to become chubbier and to gain weight.

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8. Beating with dead fish in Korea

In South Korea, the groom is beaten by bamboo and dead fish on his feet to make him ready for his first night. How can beating help in that?

7. Blackening ritual in Scotland

There is a tradition in Scotland in which the bride is covered with all sorts of disgusting material and then they tie her to a tree. They believe that in this way they prove that they are ready for everything after marriage, like ANYTHING.

6. Practice crying in China

For a good marriage in China, brides have to cry for an hour every day and this goes on for a month, sometimes they are accompanied by others too.

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