18 Memorable Street Cricket Rules That Will Make You Remember Your Childhood

9. Hitting the ball over the designated boundary will be given a six, but hitting it over will be considered out.

10. Those who open the innings first will not get to bowl first as everyone should get a fair chance to bowl and bat.

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11. Our toss is not with the coin, but with in and out using a stone, but that is done only for the first match as the winning team bats first from the next match onwards.

12. If the ball hits the glass window of a car nearby then the batsman is declared out.

13. Due to field area limitations and lack of players, we sometimes have only one side runs allowed in the play.

14. The person who brings the bat will get to be the captain usually or he will open the batting.

15. When the keeper is changing then he or she must call out for the keeper change or it will be considered a no ball.

16. Whoever hits the ball in the sewer or in the mud must be the one pick it out from it.

17. Whoever loses the ball will buy or get a new ball.

18. You must also stand clear off the wicket.

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