Weird Public Toilets In Different Countries Around The World

Hello  Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Toilets are very important and a normal human needs to use the bathroom more than twice a day. When we’re out to travel its not possible to pack a toilet for ourselves as we pack other stuff and this is why public toilets are made so that anyone could use it in case of emergency. The public toilet in different countries are of different kind, so today we’ll discuss about it.

So here some weird public toilets that you may see in different countries!

1. Japan

Weird Public Toilets In Different Countries Around The World

Japan’s public toilet is the most developed public toilet if compared to another country’s toilet. They have heated seats, dryer and a bidet function, there toilets are so clean that you won’t believe for once that its a public toilet.

2. Netherlands

The public toilets of Netherlands are quite funny as they are build up on the road and a person could chat with the other while peeing.

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3. London, England

There is a themed toilet found there in London pub which exactly looks like a firehouse and whenever anyone wants to pee, they just pour it in the bucket.

4. Chongqing, China

The public toilets of Chongqing are shaped like a crocodile, Virgin Mary, and also like a curvaceous women. These are spread over 30,000 sq.ft.

5. Kenya

The public toilets of Kenya are very poor looking and not at all hygienic, it seems like no one has washed these toilets forever.

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