23 Weird Things That Happen Only In Thailand!

Hello Guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. History, nature, awe, wonder – all of these things and more await in this incredible article. We’re heading to Thailand, the land of smiles. Thailand is often thought of only in terms of its food, tropical climate, and vacation, but there’s a lot more to it.

So Let’s Take A Look At Weird Things That Happen Only In Thailand!

1. Many of the popular beer brands also make bottled water.

2. RedBull was originally a brand created by a local.

3. There are 7-11’s everywhere. There are probably more 7-11’s in Bangkok than Starbucks in Seattle!

4. The best dressed woman on any given train, taxi or sidewalk is probably a Ladyboy.

5. Thailand respects the “third gender” and has public bathrooms for transgender males. Those are known as “Pink Toilets”.

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6. It is not allowed to leave the house without your underwear on in Thailand.

7. In Thailand, it is not allowed to drive shirtless.

8. It is also not allowed to step on any Thai currency.

9. Thai cops who commit minor offenses are punished with a bright pink ‘Hello Kitty’ armband and they have to wear it for several days.

10. The real name of Bangkok is the longest name of a city in the world. Its full name in Thai is…


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