7 Weirdest Temples In India That You Won’t Believe Exist

Hello guys! Welcome to Humor Nation! Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook page. With more than 33 crore gods in India, India never shies away from constructing a temple. As we speak we can be sure that at least thousand temples are being constructed right this minute.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Weirdest Temples In India That You Won’t Believe Exist!


Aeroplane Temple, Sant Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara temple in Punjab’s Doaba region is also known as the ‘Aeroplane Temple’. People believe that if you present a model Aeroplane you will be blessed with an opportunity to settle abroad.


The Sonia Gandhi temple! Surprising as it may seem there is actually a temple dedicated to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in Mahbubnagar district of the Telangana state.


Amitabh Bachchan is a legend, he’s the Indian superstar of the century and has an immense fan following in India. Fans of Amitabh call him the greatest actor of all time, they love him for his iconic roles, his dialogues, brilliant acting. Some fans are much more crazier for him, they not only consider him the greatest, but consider him a God. There’s an Amitabh Bachchan temple in Kolkata where Amitabh is worshiped and if you visit this temple, you will see a shawl that has ‘Har Har Bachchan’ written all over it.

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Dog is considered a man’s best friend, he is a loyal companion. That’s why a community in Channapatna, Ramnagara district in Karnataka decided to honor man’s best friend by making a temple for him. At this temple, dog is considered to be god and worshiped everyday. The locals believe that dog god protects the village from every danger and is always there for the people.



Are you tired of not getting Visa? Have you tried all ways to get an US Visa and still no result? Come to Chilkoor Balaji Temple and you will get your visa. This temple is famously known as ‘Visa Temple’, you can come here, make a request to the Visa god, and your wish will be granted soon.


No one in the right minds would taste food that has been touched or nibbled by the rats, but at the Karni Mata’s temple, food that has been touched by the rats is a ‘prasad’, it is considered a form of high honor. There are different stories regarding the presence of 20,000 rats at the temple. One says that the rats are the reincarnated sons of Karni Mata while the other one says that the 20,000 rats are an army of soldiers who due to their sin of deserting a battle has been turned into rats by the Mata.

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7 Weirdest Temples In India That You Won't Believe ExistOm Singh Rathore was drunk driving his motorcycle which was a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet, he suddenly lost control and crashed into a tree. Om died instantly, the police took his motorcycle to the station, but the next day the bike was reported to be missing from the station and found at the crash site. Police again took the motorcycle back to the station, they chained the bike, and emptied the fuel tank of the motorcycle, but same thing happened the next day. The locals believed it to be a miracle and started worshiping the bike.

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