10 Weirdest Things About Dean Winchester’s Body

5. He Is Pretty Smart

While Dean is known for his hand-to-hand combat and his killer skills. He is in fact quite smart, we have seen him display his tactical mind and devising strategies. He even built the destroyed Impala right from the scratch.

4. Dean Died And Resurrected Several Times

According to TV Guide, Dean has died a total number of 111 times while Sam passed away only six times.

3. He Could Talk To Animals

In the episode “Dog Dean Afternoon” of season 9, Dean let a spell be placed on him which would allow him to speak to a dug. But little did he know that there are side-effects of the plug, he would display the traits of a dog.

2. He Has High Pain Tolerance

He spent fourty years in hell, he was tortured by Alistair. Not just that, he had been beaten, bruised my people, monsters, and even archangels.

1. He Became A Vampire

There’s an episode of season six where Dean was bitten by a vampire and starts becoming one. He grows the teeth, the super speed, agility, and almost transforms into a vampire. But he was saved and cured using an old cure.

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