What Happened To TVD Vampire Characters Who Died!


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Enzo first appeared in the Season 5 of the show where we learn that he’s an old friend of Damon Salvatore. They both were imprisoned by the Augustine Society in the 1950s. While Damon managed to break free of the captivity, he was unable to rescue Enzo so he turned off his humanity and left him behind. Damon believed him to be dead, but turned out he also managed to escape. He shared an antagonistic relationship with Stefan and called him out for not searching for Damon. Enzo developed a romantic relationship with Bonnie. But Bonnie’s world comes crashing down when Stefan killed Enzo by extracting his heart. This causes causes Bonnie’s powers to return. Initially, Bonnie created a dimension where she kept Enzo, but she later let him go. In the finale episode, we learn that he has found peace and he keeps an eye over Bonnie.


What Happened To TVD Vampire Characters Who Died!
The CW

Katherine Pierce is the real OG. She is there at the beginning of the Vampire Diaries and also at the end of the Vampire Diaries. She is responsible for one of the greatest love triangles in the television history. A Petrova Doppelganger who tricked Klaus and made him chase her for over 500 years. Katherine Pierce is the one responsible for transforming the Salvatore brothers into the vampires. She has also served as the antagonist for majority of the Vampire Diaries. Her hand was behind the numerous significant events of the Vampire Diaries whether it’s the Hybrid Curse, The Cure, Hellfire in Mystic Falls, and lot more.


The CW

The Salvatores are the main protagonists of the Story. While TVD might seem to be a love story on the outside, but deep down, at its very center, it’s the tale of a brotherly love. It narrates the story of Salvatores who were not only brothers, but also best friends at times, but their relationship was strained. They managed to rebuild the broken relationship, made it stronger than ever. Both the brothers redeemed themselves in the end. With Stefan sacrificing himself for everyone else, made up for all the atrocities he committed as a Ripper. Damon throughout TVD had undergone a tremendous change, it was his love for Elena which made him the better man. We saw both the brothers reuniting in the ending moments of TVD which shows that both Stefan and Damon has attained peace after their demise.

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