What Happens After Death? Here Are The 8 Things That Happen After We Die!

Death, that is the real final frontier, the great beyond, the proverbial bucket we kick, the dust we bite. It’s no surprise that many of us have quite a morbid fascination towards it, in fact most of human history have cultures that reward death and have even built the ceremonies and traditions around it. Some of these traditions surviving to this very day, but beyond the glitz and glamour of the cultural and the religious, death is a natural process in life. The process that happens to our physical bodies after dying is well it’s less than glamorous so hold on to your dinners because this is not for the faint of heart!

Here Are The 8 Things That Happen To Our Bodies After We Die!


We turn cold, Literally! Within a few hours after kicking the bucket our body temperature begins to drop and is left with a chill to the touch until it cools down to room temperature, this process is called Algor Mortis. Basically what happens is that when the heart stops pumping blood, the body slowly halts many of its functions such as metabolism. In life the blood that is pumped through our veins by our heart also helps regulate our body temperatures.

Ever notice that you feel a bit warmer after a strenuous activity like a workout? This is because of the metabolic process that happens when our heart pumps blood and in that metabolic process this is sped up. This is followed right away by breaking sweat: the body signal to cool down and prevent it from overheating. Without anything to regulate the body’s temperature it quite literally goes cold turkey.


Going stiff literally! This is probably the most obvious and easily detectable stage. Once the heart stops pumping, our body temperature drops and what follows after it is the stiffening of the muscles because as we mentioned the heart has stopped pumping, the blood begins to coagulate in the arteries and blood vessels. This coagulation results in the stiffening of the muscle which makes it a bit difficult to bend the corpse in different ways.

Although why anyone would want to bend the corpse is completely beyond me. Imagine the body as a car or any kind of engine, once you stop using it and turning it on, the fluid will begin to settle and solidify; preventing it from running properly – if not permanently. Anyway Rigor Mortis sets around at two to six hours after death the body does not stay stiff forever though as the composition sets in the muscles begins to deteriorate and it basically turns into jelly.


We have all heard the phrase “Deathly Pale” and it has so much to do with what happens to us when we die. Our bodies literally change color once our heart stops beating because our circulatory system is basically shutdown and thanks to gravity blood and fluids begin to settle in different parts of the body while our bodies will not change a completely different color throughout, there are areas where there is more blood where it will turn a shade of purple or purplish red or a shade of blue similar to a bruise while other parts will turn pale because blood being less concentrated or drained in those specific areas.

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Sometimes you hear people joking about how they peed or pooped themselves because they heard a really funny joke or were scared witless and lost control of their bowels. This is caused by the momentary relaxation of the sphincter, an organ in the body that well you know “keeps it all in”. Essentially the sphincter is wired directly into our brain and our body takes control of our bowels so that we avoid accidents while enjoying a walk in the park or relaxing during yoga or on a first date.

When we die our brain shuts down and muscle control is thrown out the window this includes of course bladder and intestinal control there are stories where people soil themselves immediately after dying because this function of the body is shut down. In some cases a bowel release happens hours later and urine and fecal matter are oftentimes the most common items expelled.

5. The Smell of Death

what happens after dying? After death, die body happens

The word putrid may have very well been invented for the single purpose of describing a decomposing dead body. Once the body shut down the cells also begin to deteriorate and die. During this process, the cells release enzymes as a chemical signal to local bacteria and fungi to let them know that they should get to work as soon as bacteria takes over the decomposition process, putrefaction begins and intensifies the smell even further as cells, organs, and other body parts are breaking down.

6. The Noises!

Ask any doctor or any mortician and they will have stories about a corpse that suddenly moans, sighs, or breaks wind. The sounds that a corpse makes is not because they’re turning into the undead in order to wreak havoc on the living, maybe not all the times, but because of the combination of rigor mortis and different gases secretive by bacteria. Once the process of decomposition begins muscles may involuntarily twitch or contract including the vocal cords there fore creating sounds that can be mistaken for a supernatural occurrence.

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7. WAX

After the process of putrefaction – a process where our internal organs liquefies and turns into slosh as a result of bacteria digesting our tissues a wax like fatty material called adipocere may develop, most especially if the body is exposed to were surrounded by cold soil or water. The process then allows this wax like material to coat the body, and in some instances to mummify it.

In the days before our understanding of the medical sciences, the belief that the bodies of several saint surviving decomposition is nothing short of a miracle, a sign from the heaven; a sign that a saint is incorruptible and untouchable even by the king. However as our understanding of science and death advances through out the centuries, see instant mummification and the preservation of these things and their bodies have been attributed to saponification where their bodies have been coated in the waxy material adipocere.

8. Coffin Birth

One of the most creepiest things, it sounds like a bad horror movie title. Coffin Birth occurs within 48 to 72 hours after a pregnant woman dies and this is so terribly sad as the body goes through the natural process of decomposition, the gases expelled by bacteria may collect in the abdominal area and force pressure on the uterus thereby pushing out the baby from the body.


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