What If These Famous English TV Series Were Made In India?

Are you someone who is fed up of Indian daily soaps and have no interest in watching Indian drama? It’s no less than a torture to watch Indian daily soaps. No wonder why the young generation is so much into the English TV series. And you simply can’t compare an Indian show with the English one. Try comparing Game of Thrones and Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. A single season crossing over 1000 episodes, where does it happen? It happens only in India. Same old recipe of taking up a romantic tale or a family dramatization story, topped off with a plot that has neither flow nor reason.

Today’s young generation simply despise these TV appears, their interest lies in the English TV shows like Supernatural, Lucifer, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad etc. The iconic characters of the TV shows FRIENDS, the splendid plot and story telling of Game of Thrones, the deep, disturbing, but yet very beautiful and visually pleasing Hannibal. We have numerous reasons to put these shows way above the Indian shows, there’s a class and level difference, we are served trash in the name of television in India.

Now let’s just imagine these big, famous Indian production houses, the makers of daily soaps like Kyuki, Pavitra Rishta, decide to remake the famous English TV series, it surely sounds crazy, right? It’d be damn entertaining, just imagine what it would be like Dr. Hannibal Lecter showing everybody how to make delicious dishes from a human body. Imagine the director of hit crime show CID, BP Singh directing SHERLOCK!

So Let’s Take A Look At 9 Famous English TV Series, If They Were To Be Made In India, And How They Would Be Like!

1. The Flash

Bhaag Barry Bhaag

A kid who saw his mom getting brutally murdered right in front of his eyes and his father was falsely sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder he never did. What’s more tragic is that the girl he likes..also friendzones him. This is one of the most tragic and emotional stories you’ll ever see on the television. Someone should just message this idea to Ekta Kapoor and she’ll come up with a show that will smash all the TRP records.

Now through a bizarre accident, Barry Allen gains some extraordinary superpowers and begins his training as a superhero under his friend, mentor, and coach Harrison Wells. The main purpose of his life it to protect his city and discover the true identity of the man who murdered his mother. But here’s the surprise, his coach and friend Harrison Wells is the man who gave him the superpowers and is responsible for his mother’s death.

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2. Supernatural

Jaan bachana, bhoot bhagana, parivarik pesha hai.

Forget Indian horror shows Sssh koi hai, Aahat, and dramas like Naagin. Supernatural will show you what’s a good horror show should be like. Supernatural will take over and dominate the ratings. I can guarantee that after watching this show, you won’t fear ghosts, but you’ll love to hunt them.

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