What Kind Of Horror Movie Would You Find Yourself In?

Welcome to Humor Nation. A horror movie is a kind of film which seeks to elicit fear from the viewers for entertainment purposes. Horror as a genre in films has existed for more than a century now. And Horror also overlaps with genres of thriller, fantasy, and supernatural fiction. Horror movies try to evoke the nightmares, revulsions, fears, and terror of the unknown from the viewers.

What Kind Of Horror Movie Would You Find Yourself In?

41 Rules That You Must Follow To Survive And Stay Alive In Horror Movies

In the horror genre, the plot often involves the unwanted presence or entry of an evil force, an event into the everyday normal world. The prevalent elements in such movies include vampires, werewolves, ghosts, evil witches, zombies, psychopaths, evil clowns, monsters and extraterrestrial entities. There are various kinds of horror movies. Even the genre has so many sub-genres such as the found-footage horror, psychological horror, comedy horror, body horror, zombie horror, and slasher horror.

Horror movies not just rely on cheap thrills to get the scares from the fans. Great horror films rely on suspense and creating an intense atmosphere, and build-up slowly rather than straight-up jump scares and the blood.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out What Kind Of Horror Movie Would You Find Yourself In?

So do you agree with the results of this horror quiz? If you could be in any horror movie, which would you choose and why so? Don’t forget to share the results of the quiz with other people in the group. And do share this horror quiz with your horror fanatic friends.

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