When 286 Runs Were Scored Off 1 Ball! Most Runs On A Single Ball

Welcome to Humor Nation. There are many occasions and events occurred in the game of cricket which are very difficult to believe, but they are true. Imagine how many runs can be scored in a ball? Four, six, ten, twelve? During a domestic cricket match in England, there is a record of 286 runs being scored in one ball. The reality behind this figure is also very interesting.

Lack Of The Proper Rule Allowed The Runs To be Scored

When 286 Runs Were Scored Off 1 Ball! Most Runs On A Single Ball

According to a report published on 15 January 1894, in London’s magazine ‘Pall Mall Gazette’, this amazing record in the history of cricket was made in the match played between Victoria and Scratch XI. It was a domestic tournament and the match was played at Bunbury in Western Australia in 1894.. In modern cricket a maximum of three runs can be scored by running on a single delivery, but there was no such rule before.

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And They Kept Running…

Actually, the limit of maximum runs scored on a ball in cricket was not fixed. Then a Victoria batsman hit a penalty stroke on the first ball of the match, the ball got stuck in the branches of the ball and then started running, he stopped at 286 runs. Seeing the consistent rising number of runs, the troubled opposition team also appealed to stop the umpire, but there was no benefit from not having the rule.

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They Ran For 6 KMS

Eventually the umpire ordered the cutting of the tree to bring the ball back. There was no axe available to chop down the tree, a rifle was used to shot down the ball. After the hard work, the ball could be bowled. But till then the number of runs had reached 286. The Victorians then declared their innings and put the other side to bat. The Victorians then won the match. According to the report, the two batsmen scored about six km on the 20-yard pitch.

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